Sports Hall Floor Maintenance

Sports Hall Floor Maintenance

Sports Hall Floor Maintenance

Courtship Limited is a highly specialised company working within the leisure industry dealing specifically with the maintenance and refurbishment for all sports hall and activity flooring as well as every aspect of squash court maintenance.


New Flooring


We have also over the years developed expertise in laying new floor systems in various materials including traditional timber, composite Granwood block, the engineered board systems and the newer synthetic finishes and we would be happy to supply a per square metre price and detailed specification upon request and talk over the pros and cons of the various options currently available in the market place, whether it be for a new sports hall floor, gymnasium or any other activity area.


Cost of Sports Markings


We are listing below as an indication the range of sports lines that are available. Once again we do not subcontract any aspect of our working practices. It is customary to have these lines painted with proprietary high traffic line paints but in some circumstances we are able to tape games lines using suitable heavy duty tapes for the same price.


There can be substantial discounts available to our pricing structure should the work be booked-in outside of the busy holiday periods.


For example the cleaning, abrading and resealing of sports halls or gymnasium floors, can sometimes be discounted if arranged for weekend work as the contract period for this specification is usually only 2 days.


Basketball - usually black


Netball - usually red


Volleyball - usually green


Hockey Ds - usually blue


Five-a-Side - usually orange or red


Badminton - usually white


Tennis - usually yellow


Cricket - usually orange


Corfeball - colour to be agreed


Fencing - usually white


Lacrosse - colour to be agreed



* All prices are exclusive of VAT and subject to variation




The full sanding, sealing and relining process for an average gymnasium floor of approximately 240 square metres in any of the traditional surfaces is approximately 7 working days.


The full sanding, sealing and relining of an average size sports hall floor of 4 badminton courts or approximately 550 square metres again in any traditional surface, i.e. timber, Granwood composite tile, engineered board etc. would be 10-12 working days.  


To give an indication of timings for squash court refurbishment for an average contract that would include the painting of the playing surface, plastering, court furniture, sanding and lining of the floors, court lines and perhaps glass back overhaul we would require 2 courts to be available to us for a period of 4 working days in order to carry out the work programme.


The deep clean, abrading and resealing process for sports hall or gymnasium flooring is a 2 day process and can be arranged over a weekend at no extra cost if more convenient.  It is now possible owing to advancements in the drying of water-based high traffic, high traction floor seals to undertake this defensive maintenance process overnight or over a weekend therefore totally eliminating any disruption to the use of this area.